Simulation features

The simulations that you can view in the following pages are made with Apple's Keynote application for generic presentations, which are afterwards converted into plain videos and published exclusively in this confidential web page. Therefore, they are not captured from an executing prototype of the system.

The characteristic features of the simulations are the following:

  • they are build with geometrical components (text, squares, circles, lines, etc.) and programed actions (show/hide, move, scale, change transparency, etc.),

  • there is a small arrow representing the interface pointer, which is supposed to be moved by a hypothetical user with a pointer device such as a mouse,

  • when the pointer clicks on a graphical element, a specific “tick” sound is generated in the video, whereas when the user presses the 'Carriage Return' key, a specific “pop” sound is emitted otherwise,

  • to explain what is happening in the simulation, the workflow of the system is stopped and one banner with a yellow background is shown for several seconds; afterwards, the banner vanishes and the action continues,

  • the simulations are “chunks” of a long demonstration, so the viewing should be sequential since in some simulations there are references to previous ones; however, feel free to jump to any simulation at any time,

  • of course, if you need more time to read the banners or to pay attention into the action, you can always stop the video and go forward and backward as many times as you need.